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“Grand Guignol, Book I” – Limited Edition Pack (500 copies)

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01. Descent/Ascent (II Movement)
02. ├ćinsoph: Flashforward to Obscurity
03. Doom: And Then Death Scythed
04. Spiritism: The Transmigration Passage
05. Bereavement: A Multitude In Martyrized Flesh
06. Grief: Along Our Divine Pathway
07. Bleakness: Of Secrecy, Haste and Shattered Crystals
08. Pest: Fierce Massive Slaying Grandeur
09. Decrepitude: One Last Laugh Beside Your Agonies
10. Dawn: Black Sun Rises

Limited Edition of 500 hand-numbered copies worldwide.

It comes with:
- black slipcase showing a different cover
- expanded 24 pages booklet
- original magic certificate crafted by the "Ars Secretum" esoteric circle
- handwritten fragments of lyrics
- marked envelope sealed with wax
- 9 grains of cerimonial incense.